Night Sensitive Lighting

All artificial light used at night can contribute to biological responses, impacting humans, wildlife and the environment. At WE-EF, we are committed to building awareness around the use of artificial light at night.

This drives us to review our processes and lighting concepts and place new demands on technologies and products. We strive to take a considered approach to Night Sensitive Lighting where we seek to find a balance between meeting the needs of humans, wildlife, plants and preservation of the night sky by improving our control options using dimmers, timers and motion sensors, and adopting warmer colour temperatures where possible, especially in areas of ecological significance.


FLC201 & FLC210 Product Presentation

The new FLC201 and FLC210 projectors offer specifiers and users power in the smallest form.

On the one hand, enormous design freedom thanks to the variety of configurations, on the other hand, planning security with consistent design and uniform technical parameters. The new projectors are perfect when it comes to light sources as inconspicuous as possible.


Lighting for Rail Applications. Part 1

WE-EF interviewed Anthony Strangis from Buckford Illumination Group, Victoria on the recent developments in the rail infrastructure in Victoria and the key considerations to be made in lighting for rail and light rail settings.

Part 1 – What is happening with rail infrastructure in Victoria?


Part 2 – Important aspects of the rail stations lighting
Part 3 – Lighting for platform areas and key selection criteria for choosing the luminaires for the platform
Part 4 – Lighting for car parks, viaducts, concourse and public realm areas