Lighting for Rail Applications. Part 1

WE-EF interviewed Anthony Strangis from Buckford Illumination Group, Victoria on the recent developments in the rail infrastructure in Victoria and the key considerations to be made in lighting for rail and light rail settings.

Part 1 – What is happening with rail infrastructure in Victoria?


Part 2 – Important aspects of the rail stations lighting
Part 3 – Lighting for platform areas and key selection criteria for choosing the luminaires for the platform
Part 4 – Lighting for car parks, viaducts, concourse and public realm areas


DAC100 and DAS100 Series

Another video from a familiar face, Robert Diedrich (Head of Marketing, WE-EF Germany) takes us on a journey introducing the newcomers in the WE-EF portfolio.

Let us show you in just a few minutes how versatile the luminaires in this product line really are. Introducing the DAC100 surface mounted downlights, DAS100-PM suspended downlights and DAS100 catenary luminaires. All versions are available in 3 sizes, lumens ranging from 1000 – 5300 lm.