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Words by: WE-EF

The LED upgrade kit from WE-EF allows to upgrade existing luminaires to the latest LED technology in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

This cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution allows you to replace only the LED module without the need to replace the entire luminaire. The retrofit kit is compatible with WE-EF’s VFL520, VFL530, VFL530-SE, and RFL530-SE luminaire ranges from 2014 onwards. The kit comes ready for installation, including the driver, LED board, and cables, and it can be installed easily with minimal tools—only a screwdriver is required. It is available for various light distributions, including [S60], [S65], [S70], and [R65].

Benefits of the WE-EF LED Retrofit Kit:

Replace to Upgrade: This environmentally friendly solution allows you to upgrade to the latest LED technology by replacing just the LED module, not the entire luminaire.
Energy Efficiency: The new LEDs provide a 40%* increase in light output with the same number of LEDs.
Colour Temperature Flexibility: Easily change the colour temperature from 4000 K to warmer colour temperature without further modifications to your existing system.
Easy/Quick Replacement: The factory-installed component improves installation time, ensuring a quick and hassle-free upgrade.
Connectivity/Controls: The kit supports Eco Step Dim® and can adopt the previous luminaire settings**, making it compatible with various control systems.

With the LED retrofit kit, you can continue using your existing luminaires’ connection and control options if they are equipped with a 5-core cable. This allows for compatibility with DALI and 0-10V systems. Made of coated steel and featuring a polycarbonate holder, the retrofit kit ensures high quality and durability.

* With 4000 K
**An existing 5-wire cable is required to ensure compatibility

May 29, 2024