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Quality and precision in a compact form – the compact AFL110 joins AFL100 Series

Words by: WE-EF

Available now – the AFL110 pole-mounted luminaire, the next member of the new AFL100 series from WE-EF

At the beginning of last year, WE-EF introduced the AFL120 and AFL130 representing a new generation of street and area luminaires. These luminaires are designed with a consistent focus on sustainability and connectivity. Now, the compact AFL110 joins this series as a highly adaptable precision tool for future-oriented urban lighting that focuses on quality of light, launching in European countries first and coming to other regions soon.

Modern, eco-friendly lighting concepts emphasise the importance of respecting the night. They utilise light in urban spaces more efficiently, intelligently, and with greater differentiation than in the past. The smallest pole-mounted luminaire in the AFL100 series, the new AFL110 is perfectly suited for night-sensitive lighting applications.

Featuring either 8 or 16 LEDs and precision optics, wattages from 8 to 48 watts and luminous fluxes from 1160 to 7840 lumens, the AFL100 shares the sustainable design concept of its larger siblings. The AFL110 boasts a timeless, purist design, with a significant reduction in volume, material usage, and processing steps. The newly designed spigot is suitable for both post-top and side-entry mounting applications. Equipped with DALI-compatible control gear and up to two optional Zhaga interfaces on the housing, the AFL110 is ready for sensor or communication module integration, for ‘smart’ control systems. The special 5CE corrosion protection for the cast aluminium housing as well as the PCS hardware elements make the AFL110 reliable and durable – even under harsh environmental conditions. At the end of its service life, the AFL110 benefits the environment with its recycling- and maintenance-friendly design, featuring a high proportion of recyclable materials.

Hybrid optics: Individual squared

Thanks to highly efficient LEDs and new, optimised lenses, the AFL110 delivers excellent light quality with low energy consumption. Diverse light distributions, such as asymmetric side throw, forward throw, or rectangular, are achieved through WE-EF’s in-house LED modules and lens optics. The square module shape allows for precise customization of light distributions, achieved by rotating the modules in 90° steps or combining different modules to create hybrid optics. This versatility makes the AFL110 ideal for addressing a wide range of lighting requirements in urban spaces, from parks and promenades to residential streets and inner-city neighbourhoods.

Warmer colour temperatures: For minimised impact on the environment

The precise optics of the AFL100 series emit no light above 90 degrees horizontal, minimising light pollution. Respect for the night is further reflected in the available colour temperatures which now also include 2200 K and PC Amber or True Amber (all available on request), in line with the latest research recommending the warmest possible colour temperatures for outdoor lighting applications, especially in wildlife-sensitive areas.

Get in touch with your WE-EF representative for more information.

Get in touch with your WE-EF representative for more information.

March 14, 2024