Future of Urban Spaces event

AFL100 and GOBO launch events in New Zealand

Words by: Elise Blight

Over the past two weeks MHL hosted several events to showcase the latest in new product and technology from WE-EF LIGHTING. From Wellington to Auckland to Tauranga to Christchurch, with additional presentation meetings along the way, its been a busy, productive and exciting couple of weeks.

The WE-EF event tour kicked off in Wellington on a Monday evening, where Alex Geisler and Stephen Brooke of MHL together with Ronan Marsh and Elise Blight at WE-EF, welcomed local Wellingtonian electrical engineers, landscape architects, lighting designers and lighting decision makers to the first of the series of events running across New Zealand over the fortnight. Guests enjoyed the evening learning about the new AFL100 series and GOBO technology, experiencing a bit of the world of VR and a bit to eat and drink.

On the Tuesday, MHL and WE-EF presented at an IES NZ evening in Auckland where Ronan Marsh focused on Protecting the Beauty in Darkness – Night Sensitive Lighting Solutions. Then, on Wednesday 19th July, MHL together with WE-EF hosted an evening focused on seeing the stars, this time in Auckland. Commencing with a beautiful welcome blessing, acknowledgement and song (Mana Whenua – Karakia, Mihimhi, Waiata – Mana Whenua) which set the scene for WE-EF’s Ronan Marsh to introduce WE-EF’s GOBO technology. Local artist Toa-Ariki had created an incredible Matariki design for MHL and this was then showcased as a GOBO projection and explained by the talented artist himself! The light was then shined on AFL100 Series before our guests enjoyed nibbles and drinks while testing out WE-EF VR. A great evening thanks for the efforts of everyone involved in our WE-EF and MHL families.

On Friday 21st, a lunchtime event was held in Tauranga, with local clients getting the chance to learn about the latest from WE-EF, see the GOBO penguin projection in action and also the GOBO Matariki projection, together with the AFL100 Series samples and VR.

Last but certainly not least, the tour headed back down south to Christchurch, where the MHL team together with Ronan and Stefan from WE-EF, rounding out the tour with another fantastic evening event.

The WE-EF LIGHTING tour team (Ronan Marsh, Elise Blight, Jonathan Cleland and Stefan Kisser) were delighted to deliver these exciting events with the MHL team and we look forward to visiting again soon.

July 27, 2023