NEM Load Table Published Products

Words by: WE-EF

Did you know: WE-EF LIGHTING features a range of luminaire families on the NEM Load Table.

Updated – April 2024

As an active NEM participant, WE-EF LIGHTING range of NEM Load Table published products include street and area, projector and inground luminaires.

When working on projects with devices that are published on the NEM Load Table, councils and organisations can easily make arrangements for unmetered loads that have been classified as market loads, in accordance with National Electricity Rules. As such, selecting devices published on the NEM Load Table assists the streamlining of projects, removing the need for bespoke arrangements and unnecessary consultation.

Wanting to use a luminaire that is not listed? WE-EF LIGHTING can coordinate the application process for adding additional luminaires should they be requested by a council.

Currently listed product families include:

AFL100 Series
ASP500 Series
ETC340 Series
FLC100 Series
PFL200 Series
RFL500 Series
VFL500 Series
ZFT400 Series

WE-EF Luminaires Published on NEM Load Table:

September 12, 2021