The new DAS100 catenary luminaires create clarity in urban space

Words by: WE-EF

Delivery traffic in the morning, a promenade in the evening – urban spaces are being used more and more flexibly. Lights mounted on a cable do not get in the way and can be optimally positioned, thus helping to create an uncluttered cityscape. This is precisely why WE-EF developed the new DAS100 catenary luminaires.

Positioning luminaires so that they illuminate streets, paths or squares perfectly can be a challenge. But it is easy with catenary luminaires, which float on cables above the area to be illuminated – ranging from wide boulevards to narrow, winding alleys. The lighting technology and the design are decisive – and the DAS100 catenary luminaires excels in both. The DAS100 catenary luminaires form a product family together with the new DAC100 surface-mounted luminaires and the DOC100 recessed luminaires. They can be combined extremely well to provide a consistent design and lighting effect.

Functional and archetypal

The DAS100 catenary luminaires use the same precise and efficient LED lighting technology as the DAC100 surface-mounted luminaires and DOC100 recessed luminaires. The cylindrical design of the aluminium housing can be integrated harmoniously into every urban landscape, and its proportions can be tailored to the requirements of the surroundings as the two sizes DAS120 and DAS140 are available in different housing heights. Equally diverse is the range of light distributions and light colours, including tunable white as an option for the DAS140. Thanks to the optics set back in the housing, the luminaires have good glare control and are “dark sky” compliant. The special 5CE surface technology from WE-EF also protects the DAS100 against corrosion – ensuring that the luminaire keeps its attractive appearance for many years to come.

September 30, 2021