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The new DOQ424 ceiling luminaire

Words by: WE-EF

Introducing the DOQ424, an architecturally pleasing recessed ceiling luminaire by WE-EF Australia / New Zealand.

This locally designed luminaire stands apart from our current downlight range with its sleek square appearance, whilst maintaining classic WE-EF lines with its rounded corners. The DOQ424 series offers three drive currents (700mA, 1050mA, and 1400mA) and features 6 high-efficiency LEDs and a selection of our linear streetlighting [A60], [S60], [S65], [S70] and [R65] optics. The luminaire comes in three standard colours – RAL 9004, RAL 9006, and RAL 9007 – ensuring not only powerful illumination but also a customisable aesthetic that complements any architectural setting.

Experience the power, precision, and exceptional quality you know and trust from WE-EF with the DOQ424 series.

September 5, 2023