Jeth Leong, Technical Officer

Commencing over 2 years ago, as an intern while he studied his Masters of Mechanical Engineering, he enjoyed the experience so much that he came on board as a full-time employee.

Working with the likes of Tony Duong, Jeth has quickly built a strong knowledge and skill set that sees him troubleshooting and solving tricky application solutions for our Sales Partners and clients on a daily basis!

In his role, Jeth is busy handling day to day technical enquiries internally and externally, non-standard enquiries (with a particular focus on control related enquiries), generation of technical documentation (installation instructions, datasheets etc.) and also analysis of warranty returns.

It is the daily problem solving and the need to think outside of the box when it comes to finding solutions for particular customer applications that Jeth enjoys the most.

Fast becoming the go-to guru when it comes to lighting control solutions, Jeth likes learning about new technologies and playing with new gadgets – his favourite being the 3D Printer, as he describes “its good for rapid prototyping of non-standard requests, and has provided us with big cost savings in terms of printing jigs which can help the production process”.

One experience that Jeth cannot forget was travelling to Cairns for warranty related issues and seeing the sheer number of WE-EF luminaires in the city.

In his spare time, Jeth enjoys cycling, going out with friends for drinks (when COVID permits) and watching the NBA.

Favourite product at WE-EF?
CFT500 series

Why do you like this product?
It has a futuristic look, and there are few other products that look like it on the market

November 16, 2021