Ronan Marsh, Head of Sales

Ronan joined the WE-EF family in November 2020 as Head of Sales where his main focus is to drive sales of the WE-EF product portfolio through our Sales Partner network across Australia & New Zealand. This is achieved through a mix of product roadshows and other educational talks. Ronan acts as the first point of contact for all our Sales Partners for project and sales related matters.

Prior to joining WE-EF, Ronan had sold WE-EF whilst at Eagle Lighting Australia and it was the first lighting brand that he says he “truly loved”. Ronan says he continues to be impressed at how “the sum of the parts is greater of the whole”, and how the optics are designed to ensure precise illumination and are truly application focused. When the opportunity came to join WE-EF, it was a quick and easy decision.

Despite lockdown after lockdown, Ronan has still managed to tactfully travel around the country and to New Zealand delivering roadshows with our Sales Partners and their clients.

One very challenging but rewarding experience Ronan recalls was when the DMX & Internet system at Lightbox 2 in Sydney failed a few hours before a day’s training. “I had to get help from a few WE-EF Team members as well as from IT consultants. With some troubleshooting, teamwork and patience we got there in the end and delivered a successful event”. Ronan’s first day was memorable for him too, “seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones was pretty special”.

Ronan’s favourite working tool is his iPhone – “it’s pretty much my office”.

The Irishman has always been a keen traveller and before he got to Australia, he spent 8 months travelling around Southeast Asia. One adventure he embarked on was to drive from Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa in Tibet across the Tibetan plateau. “What took 3 days in the car, took 1 hour back in a plane and we flew past Mt. Everest. An amazing experience in a spectacular part of the world”.

In his spare time Ronan enjoys exploring Australia with his wife and two sons in their recently purchased caravan.

He is also passionate about his music, and a bit of a singer, though we are yet to verify these skills by having him demonstrate his talents at a company event – watch this space.

Favourite product at WE-EF?
FLC240-CC [EES] DMX Wireless

Why do you like this product?
“The product itself looks great; clean lines and a solid luminaire. The amount of innovation wrapped up in this product is astounding; from the arrangement and positioning of the different coloured LEDs to the factory-installed diffuser lens for colour mixing and the wireless antennae.”

November 29, 2021