Overhead lighting system: new DAC100 ceiling and DAS100-PM pendant mounted luminaires

Words by: WE-EF

Towns and cities have their own identity that has grown over time. Upgrading existing buildings with new illumination should therefore be done just as carefully as planning lighting for new buildings. Our new surface-mounted and suspended luminaires enable light to be positioned precisely where it is needed for optimum effect. 

Planners not only need robust ceiling luminaires with a high protection rating for transitional areas between indoors and outdoors, but also for projects such as underground stations. There is also a further important aspect when existing buildings are refurbished; it should be possible to position the luminaires with minimum intervention in the building fabric. WE-EF’s solution – the new DAC100 surface-mounted downlights and DAS100-PM pendant downlights.

A modular system with a consistent design and lighting effect

The luminaires form a flexible system with a wide lighting spectrum, intelligent mounting solutions and plenty of scope for individual design. The precise and efficient LED lighting technology with different power ratings, light distributions and colour temperatures has already proven itself in the DOC100 recessed luminaire series. The luminaires are simple and flexible for positioning on buildings and other architecture – always precisely where the light is needed. The clear cylindrical shape goes with every style of architecture, and thanks to a choice of several housing heights the proportions of the luminaires can be tailored to meet project requirements.

Arranged in groups or rows, the suspended luminaires help to effectively illuminate the space. The robust aluminium housing is protected from dust, dirt and moisture with WE-EF’s special 5CE surface technology, which provides protection against corrosion. The bottom part of the luminaires is made of safety glass.

Optimised for straightforward installation

Innovative details make the installation particularly simple and safe. The DAC100 surface-mounted luminaires are either mounted directly on the ceiling with a flange or on a 31 mm-high adapter that allows cable entry from the side and through-wiring. The connection to the mains is in the flange or in the adapter; the electrical contact is established by a plug connection when the luminaire itself is positioned and fixed in place. The suspension system for the DAS100-PM suspended luminaires consists of a ceiling canopy, the power supply cable and two wire cables (for the DAS120-PM and DAS140-PM). The length of the suspension cable is variable up to maximum 2 m for a perfect mounting height.

Ceiling luminaires

October 6, 2021