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Exploring the Power of GOBO Technology: Insights from Jean-Cécil Gaillot’s Visit

Words by: WE-EF

Recently, the WE-EF Australia/New Zealand team had the privilege of hosting Jean-Cécil Gaillot from WE-EF France. Jean-Cécil generously shared his extensive knowledge and wisdom on GOBO, dark sky experience, and the impressive work of the WE-EF France Lighting Design team in 3D Visualization and VR.

Despite his busy schedule, Jean-Cécil was enthusiastic about delivering valuable insights, and we stayed true to our promise of maximising the knowledge we could gain from the esteemed GOBO Guru throughout his visit.

The journey began with the WE-EF Sales Conference 2023 on the Gold Coast, where Jean-Cécil did a fantastic job presenting on GOBO four times throughout the day to all participants. The following week, Jean-Cécil conducted intensive “train the trainer” workshops, providing comprehensive explanations of GOBO technology and the steps involved in the GOBO process to key Salespeople and Lighting Designers in Auckland (NZ), Sydney, and Melbourne.

Additionally, Jean-Cécil delivered a three-hour seminar to RMIT Lighting Design Students in Melbourne, discussing Dark Skies trends in France, Night Sensitive focus, and GOBO.

Jean-Cécil’s visit has sparked tremendous excitement about GOBO technology and the available WE-EF solutions in this field.

*A “Gobo” refers to a small stenciled circular disc used, for example, in WE-EF’s FLC200 LED [GP] profile projectors to create projected images or patterns. The term “Gobo” is short for “Go Between Optics,” which describes its position in the light path of a projector. In the lighting industry today, Gobos have taken on a more creative role as advancements in technology enable the creation of detailed and impressive projections. They also play an increasingly vital role in addressing light pollution by allowing targeted illumination of specific surfaces without unnecessary light spill.

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May 26, 2023