Jason Gueit, Product Marketing Officer

A true team player, Jason started with the business in 2019 in the warehouse. In his own modest words;

“After proving that I was an incredibly valuable team member, of the likes that may never be seen again in the warehouse, I was employed as a permanent staff member in June of 2019. In January 2020 I moved into the marketing department, a move which I’m sure the warehouse team are still grieving over, as I have undoubtedly left a void that must seem impossible to fill.”

Now despite that gloating, a check with the warehouse confirms, he’s missed by the team, but we love having him in the marketing team! And when it comes to his work and his role the thing Jason enjoys the most is indeed the people he works with.

When asked about his favourite working tool, Jason replied:

“After reading the above you could probably argue that I’m possibly the biggest tool in the office, but my favourite tool to use would be the Surface Pro, it allows me to do everything I need to do my job. A slimline piece of equipment that I can take with me to continue work (if needed) at another location, it has all the processing power I need.”

Having originally been introduced to the business via a temporary recruitment agency, upon arrival Jason found the business to be small enough to have that family feel whilst being big enough to have an impact in the marketplace he also discovered quickly that the business positions itself in the marketplace on the quality side of the spectrum which he thoroughly enjoys as well.

Pre covered one memory that Jason cannot get out of his head is that early on in his employment a fellow colleague had a serious case of sniffles. In order to overcome this harrowing ailment, this colleague spent an entire day with two tissues firmly up his nose while he went about his day to day activities… Jason won’t be naming any names!

When Jason is not too busy talking himself up, he is spending time with his young family and playing or listening to music.

Prior to his engagement with the business, Jason has had an interesting and varied career in which he somehow managed to meet Geoffrey Rush, Jason Donovan (is he even famous?), Andrew Lloyd Webber and Dannii Minogue and also held an Oscar for the best music score in a film…he just can’t remember what the film was but an Oscar is surprisingly heavy FYI!

Favourite product at WE-EF?

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It’s an unassuming, discreet product that punches above its weight alongside similar products in its category.

October 14, 2021