Tracey Wilson, Business Support Leader

Tracey joined the WE-EF family in November 2017 and was initially responsible for assisting the Senior / Leadership team and managing all events and travel requirements – of which she does a wonderful job.

In December 2021 Tracey’s role was expanded to include responsibility for the management of the IT systems and company facilities with her job title changed to Business Support Leader.

Approximately seven years ago Tracey made the decision to change the trajectory of her career moving into the Executive Assistance / Events space and seems to have indeed found her calling and she has “never looked back!”

In asking Tracey what she enjoys most of her role, she says simply that she loves her job! – “I enjoy everything about my job”, why? “because it is what I love to do, this is my passion”. Tracey’s genuine enjoyment of her role is quite evident through her willingness and eagerness to help anyone anytime, and through her commendable delivery to deadlines and commitments – she can always be relied upon to get things done promptly and efficiently.

Tracey’s favourite working tools to use are Microsoft Teams and snipping tool because they are ‘easy to use’ and Teams is “handy if you need to ask a quick question working from home; it has been our online meeting tool during COVID and recently it has become our global tool with our colleagues overseas.”

In recalling memorable experiences with the WE-EF team, Tracey recounts attending the AILA conference and Sales Conference held in Brisbane back in 2018. Along with Ina’s help, Tracey set up and ran the WE-EF stand and met some lovely people. While on the trip, she fell in love with Anthony Strangis’ daughter and just had to have some cuddles (pictured). She also arranged “Dinner Under the Stars” but had to change venues for it rained the whole time there in Brisbane! This trip was also the first time Tracey met the HOBs and sales partners (yes she did arrange all the travel and event management!). Over this trip, Tracey also celebrated her “21st” birthday and her partner Pete was able to fly up and extend their trip with a mini birthday getaway!

Outside of work Tracey’s team spirit is still strong; she enjoys catching up with some of the other colleagues for dinners. Living close by to the Head of Marketing, “Lately I have gained a chauffeured driver, the lovely Elise, we take it in turns driving some days” – both Tracey and Elise enjoy their shared uber service and the many chats along the way!

In her free time, Tracey loves to go camping with her family and doesn’t mind reading an odd good book. She is a taxi driver for her two teenage daughters (13 & 15). Tracey recently also added a new member to the family of the fury puppy kind: “Since getting a 4 legged baby into our family, she has encouraged me to walk almost every day for 30 mins”. Sparky is one of the most doted on puppies ever – even participating regularly in doggy daycare!

On meeting someone famous: “In 2015, I met my idol, John Farnham, was a dream come true and here is the proof”.

Favourite product at WE-EF?
RMT320 Series

Why do you like this product?
It’s different and I like looking at these bright yellow lights on my way to Melbourne Airport.

February 23, 2022