Paul Carter, Customer Excellence Coordinator

Paul has been providing excellent customer service for WE-EF for almost 6 years, with his role focused on supporting our Sales Partners with sales order entry and liaison.

Paul recalls receiving a lovely gift card for reaching the milestone of 5 years of service to WE-EF, which we call ‘Running the Marathon’.

A valuable member of the team who is always a positive contributor, Paul enjoys most “working with people from different cultures”, which we love to hear because we really do have a very multi-cultured team at WE-EF within which everyone works together harmoniously, respecting individual uniqueness.

Prior to his commencement at WE-EF Paul was having to commute a long way for work so he enjoys the shorter travel time.

Paul’s most memorable experience at WE-EF was partaking in doing a talk, delivering a presentation during the training, he found this to be a really positive and engaging experience – so we will be sure to ensure that we feature Paul front and centre in future training sessions 😊!

Outside of work, Paul enjoys watching the footy (AFL), and is an avid St Kilda supporter.

Favourite product at WE-EF?
FLC200 projectors

Why do you like this product?
I like the amazing and various effects they can create in illuminating architecture and facades of buildings.

January 31, 2022