Mari Bautista, Customer Excellence Coordinator

A relatively fresh face to the WE-EF family, Mari had the challenging task of onboarding with the team just as COVID-19 first took us into lockdowns in March 2020.

Mari has done a great job in challenging learning conditions, with remote working from home scenarios in the early days. Mari recently finally attended her first WE-EF training after being on board for more than a year, so it is a credit to her that she has developed her knowledge so far given the challenges!

Mari’s role incorporates invoicing, goods returns, sales order status, delivery dockets and dispatch addresses.

Mari’s favourite office tool is that of the trusty Outlook reminders (calendars, notes and follow up), as it provides an efficient tool to manage and prioritise her time around work tasks.

Mari is mum to two young ones and her favourite food that she says she would be happy to win a lifetime supply of, is sushi!

Favourite product at WE-EF?
FLC200-CC Projectors

Why do you like this product?
“I liked the outcome of the Old Parliament House project where these luminaires have been used”

January 18, 2022