Lauren Hodgkinson, Administrative Support Coordinator

Commencing in July 2021, Lauren is a welcomed addition to the WE-EF family, filling a newly created dual role which sees her assist both Customer Excellence and Purchasing with day-to-day tasks such as entering Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, running reports and ordering appropriate stock, answering customer questions regarding item codes or delivery dates etc.

Lauren has been very quickly learning the ropes, intricacies and complexities that make WE-EF an everchanging and challenging – yet fun, place to be! So far, Lauren’s favourite working tool is that of the ‘Activities’ function within SAP as it provides all team members with the ability to assign tasks as well as having a running timeline of each job from start to finish – minus the paper trail (so it is also sustainability-driven 😊).

With a Diploma in Business Administration and a background working in similar roles, Lauren thrives in a busy paced environment and is relishing the challenges of jumping between teams and having varying tasks and opportunities. Lauren is eager and enthusiastic to add value to the WE-EF family and as such, it is no surprise that was delighted with being asked to become a part of the new “People Team”, explaining “it made me feel extremely valued and honoured”.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys music and singing, and her favourite day is Friday because Jason puts on some music, apparently, it takes Lauren a lot of “self-control not to burst out into song” – we look forward to the day she breaks out a tune!

Lauren also would like to bravely share that she has MS (Multiple Sclerosis); “I was diagnosed 15 years ago and more than happy to answer any questions regarding how it affects me or the disease itself 😊”.

Favourite product at WE-EF?

Why do you like this product?
“I like it because I know how to build it after having attended training with Production”.

February 7, 2022