WE-EF asked Mark Hoppe from Raylinc Lighting about the Roma Street Parklands project.

Q. The essence of the Roma Street Parkland project in one sentence…
A. Roma Street Parklands is located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. With over 16 hectares of Designer Gardens and a Celebration lawn, it is a green oasis for picnicking, flying kites or just relaxing in a deck chair. It’s a hub for families to unwind and enjoy Brisbane.

Q. What was one of the main project challenges and how was it overcome?

A. T With so many CCTV cameras throughout the Parklands the choice of colour temperature was critical. When viewed through the security camera cool white reduces pixilation, as compared to warm white, which created a very distorted image. Recycling the existing poles with set parameters and complying to the P3 Pedestrian standard was the second challenge. This was overcome by using the WE-EF RFL530 street and area luminaires with side-throw street lighting distributions.

Q. How would you describe the final project result?

A. WE-EF’s collaboration with City Parklands has created a very successful architectural result. The original design and intent of the parklands haven’t been visually disturbed by the lighting upgrade. The contrast has remained as there is still a strong focus on light and shade throughout the area. Cool colour temperature was chosen for the paths throughout the parklands, which separates the intimacy of the gardens from its living inhabitants. This also creates a strong scenic element with less light competing on the focal points of the parklands. Light shouldn’t be a blanket just highlighting vertical elements. The success of this project has been enhanced by the strengthening of our relationship with the team at City Parklands.

“The original design and intent of the parklands haven’t been visually disturbed by the lighting upgrade”

Mark Hoppe
May 6, 2019