Individually configurable and adaptable to specific projects

Words by: WE-EF

Thanks to modular optics, the new PTY400 bollard luminaire series from WE-EF enables differentiated illumination of pathways and squares.

Bollards are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for illuminating public parks, walkways and squares as well as residential complexes, driveways, forecourts, terraces and private gardens. The new PTY400 bollards with two-sided light distribution are available in two standard sizes and with three different distributions. Depending on the lighting task, they are available with [S70/S70] asymmetric ‘side throw’, [A60/A60] asymmetric ‘forward throw’ and [R65/R65] rectangular ‘side throw’ LED lens systems. As an option, the large PTY424 bollards with a height of 1,000 mm can combine two different light distributions in one luminaire – for example, the combination of [R65] with [A60] LED optics can be used to simultaneously illuminate a bicycle path, a pedestrian crossing and the adjacent footpath in a park or residential complex.

In addition to purely functional requirements, such as a variety of available light distributions and a vandal-proof construction, the new PTY400 bollard luminaires are an excellent design feature and they also help people feel comfortable after dark. With their relatively low mounting height and glare-free performance, they can create a pleasant environment and enhance the visual appeal of the area. Thanks to their simple clean shape they blend seamlessly into all kinds of different surroundings by day and night. Needless to say, the PTY400 series meets the strict WE-EF quality criteria, and with the proven 5CE Superior Corrosion Protection system it can withstand even the toughest exterior conditions.

The new PTY400 bollard.

PTY400 with [S70/S70] asymmetric ‘side throw’ light distribution

May 6, 2020