Words by: WE-EF

WE-EF’s PFL500, RFL500-SE and RMC320 street and area luminaires, as well as the new PSY400 bollards, were the next products to be assessed under the recently launched Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA) Lighting Certification program. We are proud to announce that the majority of the luminaires successfully passed the certification process and officially conform with dark sky principles specific to Australasian standards and guidelines including AS/NZS 4282:2019 and the Australian Federal Draft National Light Pollution Guidelines for Wildlife.

WE-EF LIGHTING and ADSA, are both dedicated to the education of best practice outdoor lighting and reducing the growing issue of light pollution. The “ADSA Approved” program, is Australia’s first database for lighting hardware suitable for use in Dark Sky friendly planning and WE-EF are thrilled to be the inaugural participant. The database aims to be a valuable a tool for councils, designers and end-users who are looking at installing new lighting systems or upgrading existing lighting installations that are considerate of the night sky, ecosystems, wildlife and human health and comfort.

Download the list of the certified luminaires below.

April 30, 2020