Attractive and effective: The new MRY200 bollard luminaire series from WE-EF

Words by: WE-EF

The new MRY200 bollard luminaire series from WE-EF offers a wide range of possible configurations with three different sizes (heights of 600 mm, 850 mm and 1,000 mm with a diameter of 200 mm). With connected loads from 11 W to 15 W, nominal lumen packages from 840 lm to 1110 lm, protection class IP66/IP67 and impact rating IK10, the series not only features excellent performance and light control, it also meets the “Dark Sky” criteria.

With their CAD-optimised [C70] optics and a cut-off of 70°, the luminaires generate symmetric, uniform light distribution, even for larger areas. The bollards also come with [S60] ‘side-throw’ optics for asymmetric light distribution. The new MRY200 luminaires are used on paths in residential complexes and leisure facilities as well as in public parks. Optionally available with a colour temperature of 2700 K, 3000 K or 4000 K, they always provide excellent orientation and safe guidance – and act as a design feature during the day.

Engineered with corrosion-resistant aluminium housings and the proven WE-EF 5CE Superior Corrosion Protection technology, the bollard luminaires permanently withstand even the harshest exterior conditions – for example in the vicinity of seawater. Weathering and ageing-resistant silicone gaskets with CCG® technology (Controlled Compression Gasket), which are insensitive to aggressive atmospheres, are used for sealing. The luminaires feature surge protection (SP10) standard 10/10 kV and are supplied pre-wired with a built-in LED driver.

MRY224 bollards has been recently certified as “ADSA Approved” (3000 K) and “ADSA Prized” (2700 K) by Australasian Dark Sky Alliance.

MRY224 11 W 2700 K bollard, 850 mm height

MRY224 come with [C70] and [S60] for symmetric and asymmetric light distributions

April 28, 2021