Providing a missing link for the Parramatta community

Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk, Sydney

  • Completed2021
  • Lighting DesignLighting, Art & Science
  • PhotographyJackie Chan for WE-EF

The Project

A new 500-metre stretch of off-road walking and cycling path and boardwalk along the Paramatta river has recently opened to the public, connecting continuous foreshore access from Parramatta Park to Meadowbank. Bringing the city to the river, the $18 million co-funded City of Parramatta Council and NSW Government development is a city-shaping project, injecting flair and beauty into the waterfront. It is expected to attract up to four million bike riders and pedestrians each year, doubling the numbers currently accessing the waterfront. With this new connection, the community can now experience over 20 km of off-road paths on both sides of the Parramatta River.

The Lighting Needs

Lighting Art & Science were briefed with the task of creating a compelling night image for pedestrians and cyclists that blended seamlessly with the architectural design of the development and effectively ensured safety at night while minimising glare and preventing upward waste light. In addition, in an area prone to extreme weather conditions and floodwaters, it was critical that the luminaires be selected that’s designed to withstand tough environmental conditions.

The Solution

WE-EF VFL500 3000 K street and area luminaires were chosen for this project due to their robustness with superior 5CE+ corrosion protection coating and longevity with 10-year warranty. In addition, environmental consideration was central to the lighting solution decision-making process, with a need to deliver illumination only where it is needed, without excessively over lighting; but rather in a preserving manner, committed to environmental conservation. The VFL500 series in 3000 K were the luminaire of choice and are ADSA Approved luminaires.

July, 2021