Mornington Pier: Enduring the test of tides, time and nature’s wrath


Mornington Pier, a historic landmark on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, has been a significant recreational and functional structure for the local community and visitors since the 1850s. Spanning approximately 250 metres in length and up to 10 metres in width, the pier underwent a significant $15.6 million facelift in 2015, followed by major repairs due to severe storm damage.

This awareness of the severe weather conditions led to the selection of luminaires specifically chosen for their durability, build quality, and longevity, ensuring they could withstand the harsh coastal conditions and massive waves that crash into the pier during storms. WE-EF LIGHTING’s luminaires were chosen to ensure the pier remained well-lit and safe for years to come, truly showcasing quality that stands the test of time.

Project Considerations

• Harsh Weather Conditions: The pier’s location subjected it to extreme coastal weather, including strong winds, salt spray, and high humidity.
• Safety Requirements: Adequate and consistent lighting was essential for the safety of visitors, especially at night.
• Aesthetic Integration: The lighting needed to complement the pier’s design without detracting from its natural beauty.
• Environmental Impact: To protect marine life and minimise disruption to their circadian rhythm, preventing light from spilling into the water was important.


• Harsh Coastal Conditions: Exposure to saltwater and constant sea spray posed a significant risk of corrosion and damage to standard lighting fixtures. Historical photos online show storm waves hitting Mornington Pier and crashing over the entire structure, highlighting the intense conditions the pier endures.
• Durability and Maintenance: Ensuring the lighting system required minimal maintenance and could endure the challenging environment over time.
• Installation Constraints: The lighting installation had to be carried out with minimal disruption to the pier’s daily use and local wildlife.
• Balancing the Needs Between Human Amenity and Biodiversity: While luminaires were necessary to provide safe amenity for people on the pier at night, sharp cut-off of luminaires to prevent light spill into the bay was important to mitigate negative impact on local marine life.


WE-EF LIGHTING provided a tailored solution featuring luminaires known for their unparalleled robustness and longevity:

• 5CE +Primer: Utilising WE-EF’s 5CE+Primer technology, the luminaires received superior anti-corrosion protection, making them ideal for the salty, humid environment of the pier.
• High-Quality Materials: The use of marine-grade aluminium, ultra-low copper content, and polymer-coated stainless steel ensured the products’ durability and resistance to galvanic corrosion.
• Surge Protection Devices: Given the area’s propensity for massive storms, supplying SPDs (which WE-EF includes as standard with all street and area luminaires) was crucial to safeguard luminaires in case of lightning strikes. Learn more about SPDs here.
• Rigorous Testing: Each luminaire underwent stringent testing, including sea salt spray testing, to guarantee performance and reliability, ensuring they stand the test of time.
• Local Assembly and Lean Cells: Assembled locally using lean cell processes, the production was efficient and met the high-quality standards required for this project.
• Precise Optical Control: With the VFL530 luminaires and WE-EF’s reputation for precision optical control, the installation demonstrates beautiful uniformity along the pier for people, with a sharp cut-off to the edge to prevent light from spilling into the bay.


Today, the pier serves as a mecca for fishing enthusiasts and a beloved promenade for locals, offering scenic views overlooking Port Phillip Bay. Social media frequently showcases dramatic waves crashing against the pier and the robust luminaires along it. The installation of WE-EF luminaires on Mornington Pier has proven to be a resounding success:

• Enduring Performance: The luminaires have shown excellent performance, withstanding the harsh coastal conditions without any significant wear or corrosion, demonstrating quality that stands the test of time.
• Enhanced Safety: The pier remains well-lit, providing a safe and welcoming environment for visitors during the night.
• Positive Feedback: Stakeholders and the local community have praised the quality and reliability of the lighting, reinforcing WE-EF’s reputation for excellence.

As WE-EF Australia celebrates 30 years of operation, the Mornington Pier project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and innovation, solidifying our position as a leader in outdoor lighting solutions. The Mornington Pier project truly exemplifies WE-EF’s dedication to providing lighting solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, enduring the test of time and the harshest conditions.

For a visual reference, including numerous photos depicting the pier enduring storm waves, please refer to the images on Flickr.

July, 2023