Shining new light on historic North Adelaide

  • Completed2019
  • ClientAdelaide City Council
  • Sales PartnerBuckford Illumination Group SA
  • Lighting DesignSimon Young, Bestec
  • Electrical EngineerSimon Young, Bestec
  • PhotographyIna Parr Photography
  • Drone Photography and VideographyIlya Parr

The streets north of Adelaide’s centre have received a significant upgrade while maintaining their heritage features including the trees that give Jeffcott Street its distinctive character.

Adelaide City Council worked with consultant Bestec and WE-EF Sales Partner Buckford Illumination Group to implement a new lighting scheme as part of its $3.4-million investment in Jeffcott Street. This major arterial road passes through the centre of North Adelaide, intersected by Wellington Square or Kudnartu – a public parkland with pedestrian and cycling paths – and connects the area to the CBD of Adelaide.

Garry Talbot from Buckford Illumination Group said, “For Adelaide it’s quite a wide street, with two lanes both ways.” “Jeffcott Street is an established neighbourhood where the residents are protective of their leafy streets and we needed to be sensitive in upgrading the lighting in the area. With the old technology the lighting levels had fallen away and given the street is so busy, the lighting upgrade was essential.”

The new design utilised two luminaires on each pole, one extending over the roadway and another facing the opposite direction to light the footpath. The WE-EF ASP530 series was chosen for both applications to replace an older, heritage style product. It is a bell-shaped luminaire, which provides a highly customisable solution. The ASP530 features WE-EF’s OLC® One LED Concept technology and, depending on the lighting task, can be equipped with any of six asymmetric lens options.

“We could achieve precise control using LED technology and did not need to use traditional glare shields.”

Garry Talbot, Buckford Illumination Group

“Aesthetically the ASP530 is similar to the products that were there originally,” said Mr Talbot. “They also offered the correct lens control for this project and enabled the council to upgrade to an LED light source,” he added.

Aside from meeting the necessary lighting standards for roadway and pathway, an important design consideration was eliminating glare into the homes along Jeffcott Street. “We could achieve precise control using LED technology and did not need to use traditional glare shields,” said Mr Talbot, adding that the luminaires use a pathway distribution lens to manage glare and are controlled by photocells. “The council and the residents are happy with the results.”

July, 2023