Concentrated lighting expertise on 400 pages: The WE-EF catalogue 2020 is hot off the press!

Words by: WE-EF

Exterior lighting technology that does more than just illuminate: WE-EF presents the print version of its completely revised and redesigned main catalogue. In the company’s 70th anniversary year “new” does not just stand for the innovative products that supplement and expand the proven range. The structure and graphic design of the catalogue has also been fundamentally revised and improved – as always, with the aim of offering significantly more practical value.

The most important change to the catalogue is its new structure. The products are now arranged according to their fields of application – for example, architecture, landscape, city and systems. This gives readers a quick overview of the products suitable for their projects.

Introductory pages on the different areas of application and types of luminaires provide orientation, and the updated layout and new graphic elements give the catalogue a more attractive and clearer structure. The catalogue also devotes space to the company’s vision and its history in its 70th anniversary year as well as to the special technologies that distinguish WE-EF products.

Needless to say, the latest products from WE-EF are also presented in the new catalogue. They cover a wide range of applications. For example, the compact FLC300 is a completely new projector series and the FLC200 series has been further expanded. In addition, there is the new DAC100 downlight series featuring an innovative design, the MRY200, which expands the range of bollards, and Eco Step Dim® Motion as a wireless-based solution for presence-dependent light control of street and area lighting luminaires.

In addition to the printed version, the catalogue can be downloaded as an interactive PDF file. Once downloaded, a click in the PDF on the respective product family takes you directly to the WE-EF website with additional product information and various downloads such as data sheets or photometrics.

October 25, 2020